1. Each challenge is 1 week long. It will start every Thursday morning, and will end the next Wednesday night at 11:59pm. If no one does the week's challenge, it will continue into the following week(s), until someone submits something for that challenge.

2. You can use any software package(s) that you want to build your character, but it must be built in 3D. If you have done a drawing of your character, you can only submit it with you 3D image.

3. NO LATE ENTRIES will be allowed. So, if you're not completely finished by Wednesday night, just post whatever you have before the deadline. This is a timed challenge, so to make things fair, if you post a late entry, it will have to be removed.

4. Each character will be concocted from a list of descriptive words from the following 4 categories: Adjective, Profession, Character, and Gender. A word will be randomly and blindly picked from each category and put together to form the character that will be worked on that week.

5. For now, there will be no poly or texture limitations on any of the characters. Later on, there will be challenges with various limits and restrictions.

6. Final delivery can be an image or animation. If you’d like to post your model and textures for people to look at, there will be a way provided.

7. All art needs to be your own property and not infringe on protected material. You can also use any pre-existing models or textures that you have previously built - as long as you own the rights.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fish Patrol

This challenge has been one of my favorites, so far. I actually had something to post last week, but when I saw that nobody else posted, I thought I would take the extra week to just tweak this thing like crazy and add some things that I've wanted to do for these challenges.

I decided to make this fish an officer/squad car hybrid. I gave her the colors of a police car (I tried to make the top fin look like red & blue police lights), and then gave her a classic bobby hat. With her starfish hat badge, she's ready for a night of sea patrol.

beginner - rip away

I am very new to 3D. I am not very good at it (yet?) but I am very interested in learning. Ryan let me know that this was a place where I could learn how to be better at it. Because I am very new at this, I only did the modeling and a little bit with materials (it's all I've learned so far). For future challenges, I would like to learn UVing, texturing, and animation.

Obviously this isn't near as good as anything anybody else on here has done but I would be very grateful for your feedback. Please don't worry about hurting my feelings - I have a very tough shell. :)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dobermans must be crazy

Isn't it weird that when the topic of crazy dogs came up, Dusty and I both chose dobermans? I wonder why? Or, maybe we just thought they would make the best cooks.

I just had time to model this gal and do a VERY quick texturing job. I wanted to add a few more things that would make her look a bit more feminine, but I ran out of time. I do have female eyelashes on her, but they're probably hard to see.

Crazy dog

i didn't get much time to work on it. I am just going to post it as is. Enjoy

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It's great to BEE in love

I gotta be honest... I wasn't going to do the challenge this week. Not because I didn't want to, but because I have been completely swamped this week. When I checked the site this evening and saw that Brandon and Joe posted, it made me want to do something, but I thought there was no way that I would have time to build something that quickly. Plus, I was planning on hanging out with my family tonight.

As luck would have it, my wife called me and let me know that she and the kids wouldn't be back until later tonight. Then, I remembered that I created this bee character a long time ago, and it was just sitting on my hard drive, not doing anything. Thus, the stars were aligned and it was go-time. I grabbed the bee character, built some glasses, hearts, and bowtie, did some texture/material touch-ups, posed the character, and BAM! You gotta love last-minute work.

insect joe

I was very excited to join this group, but i failed to finish. sorry My plan was to have him sitting at a computer screen huging it with Megan Fox on the screen. Some of his hands were suppose to be on his chest grasping for air and the other hands on the screen and then he was suppose to be looking up in a love dazed look with his mouth opened with drool coming from his mouth. I will still finish it though. Horay! Thanks ryan for letting me join.


I based him off of a stick bug because I figure most nerds are built like twigs. Then I watched Bambi clips for a while since that is the only time I have ever heard the world twitterpated used. I did a lot of photoshop work after the render, I hope that is okay.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Way off!

Because of an unplanned gallbladder attack and a good amount of side work, I was only able to get the modeling done... well, most of it. There were still a couple more things that I wanted to model on him before I could move on. Unfortunately, time just wasn't on my side this week. Though, I am grateful that I was able to get this much done.

Here's your pizza, that'll be 24 plus tip

I can't help but be somewhat influenced by the ninja turtles.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fighting Fire with Fire

I thought it was cool that every word in this week's challenge started with the letter 'F'. I wanted to make a food character that started with an 'f', but I couldn't find one that I liked. Instead, I chose a red chili pepper so that I could go with the whole 'hot vs. hot' theme.

I also have this scenario set up to have two frustrations. The first frustration is that she can't figure out why she isn't getting any water out her hose to fight the fire. The second will be when the hose becomes unkinked and she gets a face full of liquid pain.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sorry about "de-classing" the joint...

I always mean to post for these... and the one time I actually post, is the time I spend like an hour on it..... sorry!

Anyway... she's frustrated because shes a marshmallow (because you probably won't be able to tell.). She should be on a s'more rather than putting out fires!

Monday, July 6, 2009


It may be hard to see, but she's tripping. I'm thinking that I should've built something for her to trip over for it to be more convincing.

The object to trip over aside, I actually was able to get a lot of what I wanted to do for this character. I was able to add some subsurface scattering to the wings and even take her into Zbrush and add some detail - even if you can't see all of it.

Look before you step!

So here's my submission. So anyway this dino was going to have a cowboy hat blowing in the direction she is looking, but i figured i would call it good where it is at. I decided that this is dedicated to my chameleon, Mr. Edmund Pickles. He died yesterday at only 2 years old. He was a great pet and i will miss him.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Ran out of time, too

I also ran into a bunch of stuff that I had to do this week. I was barely able to get this done. I wanted to add an axe and have one of his arms accidentally chopped off.

I think now he just looks like he's sad that he's a skeleton and is asking the universe, "WWHHYYYY?!?!"

Out of time

Well this is as far as i was able to get. I had a late start and a busy week. Be sure to check out my blog as i am planning on finishing this soon. On that note, i am going camping in yellowstone later this week. I might not get anough time to finish this weeks challenge but i will sure try.

Monday, June 15, 2009

I hear banjo music

I seriously can't believe how much time this took. I spent so much time and effort on this - some of which can't even be seen. What's even more sad is that I didn't finish some of the stuff that I wanted to do.

I spent way too long on that darn banjo.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Here is my first attempt at these challenges. If Maya didn't keep crashing I might have been able to finish this guy. But I'll at least show what I got done. Hopefully I'll show a completed work next week.

Friday, June 12, 2009

sleepy drummer

It can get boring drumming by yourself in an ice cave.. with ice drums. No wonder he's so sleepy

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

anger issues

here it, not so sure if it's on time. everything froze up right when i was posting and i had to reboot.

P.S. I now have a better render up on my blog now

Monday, June 8, 2009

They can't seem to BEAR each other... HAHAHA!!

For as simple as these guys look, they actually took a lot more time than I thought they would. I felt guilty doing a simple teddy bear, so I ended up doing multiple to make me feel better. :)

I also snuck my signature in here. My initials are RGB. That is also the initials for the Red Green Blue color channels used in computer image reading. You'll notice that the bears are red, green, and blue. Clever... eh? I've done it in several other pieces of my artwork.

Monday, June 1, 2009

He's hot and he knows it.

I think he's so furious because he hates being an underwear model.

Now, let's finally move on to the next challenge. :)

Monday, April 27, 2009

Good Intentions

Another unfinished project. Well... at least I did something. :)

I had all sorts of plans for this salamander. I was going to make cool textures, sweet translucent materials, and a cool pose with money in the air. But, I ended up having to fly to North Carolina today, and it took up most of the day. So, this is what I did get done.

Slimy Hand Shake

i thought i wasn't going to get the time to finish. Since i started it friday afternoon. more time and i would have given him a suit.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Good Old Fashion Rock & Roll

Whew! I was actually able to get the whole thing done this time.

If you can't tell, this is a female electric guitar, who has given up her rockstar life for the finer things in life. Unfortunately, there are just things about her past that she just can't change. And now, they follow her in the way she looks today.

Monday, April 13, 2009


Dang it! The only thing that I got done was the modeling. If we get another gargoly challenge, I'm going to kill it!

Gargoyle Teacher

here it is. is there any rules about rendering in maya versus Z brush